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Nuclear Powered Submarine Masterclasses


Our signature initiative is the Nuclear Consulting Group. The group is designed to accelerate AUKUS by providing expertise to Australia. The NCG is excited to introduce two Masterclasses.

Masterclass 101 Outline

  • How a nuclear-powered submarine operates with nuclear powered submarine terminology demystified.
  • Nuclear powered submarine operations and obtaining social licence for them.
  • Key Learning Objectives below.

Masterclass 102 Outline

  • Australia’s Nuclear Foundations and the current Global Rules & Regulations.
  • How to upskill the workforce and comply with Nuclear Safety & Security.
  • Key Learning Objectives below.


Much water has flowed under the bridge since the bombshell AUKUS Pillar One announcement back in September 2021. Little information has since been forthcoming to provide Australia’s SMEs with the knowledge and confidence to be proactive and invest in these potential business opportunities as the tidal wave of AUKUS industry ramps up to build these nationally significant leviathans of the sea.

ADCG’s Nuclear Consultancy Group has been working hard to rectify a small part of this enormous national enterprise. To prepare the Australian Submarine Agency, state and local governments, defence industry and academia, to bring AUKUS Pillar One to a successful reality, we at ADCG have produced two Masterclasses that aim to plug some of the gap in knowledge and understanding of what it means to be stewards of Nuclear-Powered Conventionally armed submarines.

As a market leader with access to global nuclear talent, ADCG has developed two Masterclasses to inform you about the Nuclear Eco-System and Nuclear-Powered Submarines, so you too can pose those hard questions to the right authorities. These two courses have been put together by expert, former nuclear-powered submarine officers, with operational experience from the UK, US and Australia. They are designed to provide an introductory level overview to educate personnel involved, or who may become involved, in any aspect AUKUS Pillar One.


Masterclass 101 aims to provide enough information for attendees to return to their workplace with an enhanced understanding about nuclear-powered submarines. Without this information it is very hard for those in the dark to formulate the right questions to get the answers you require to undertake effective workplace planning. Masterclass 101 aims to reduce your knowledge gap and explains how to better prepare yourself for the introduction of Australian nuclear-powered submarines. In 90 minutes, you will learn from an ex-nuclear submariner about how they operate, what the operational differences are between nuclear and conventional submarines, learn relevant terminology for AUKUS Nuclear powered submarine enterprise, understand what it means, and find out how to contribute to achieving that all important social licence we as a nation require to operate these national assets

Masterclass 101 Key Learning Objectives

Part 1: Nuclear Foundations

  1. Learn from history why submarines are essential to have in your ORBAT
  2. From studying Australian submarine history, understand how long it takes to introduce a new capability
  3. Looking at nuclear-powered submarine history, be able to compare and contrast build timelines with conventional submarine programs
  4. Learn how to evaluate the proposed optimum pathway

Part 2: Nuclear-Powered Submarine (NPS) Operations

  1. Understand the advantages of a nuclear-powered submarine by learning how they operate
  2. Learn about nuclear submarine capabilities and how they are employed
  3. Learn about submarine weapons and why nuclear-powered submarines provided more strategic options
  4. Understand how a nuclear-powered submarine generates power and propulsion
  5. Be aware of the main differences between current AUKUS submarines

Part 3: New Terminology

  1. Understand basic nuclear terms
  2. Know where you can find the information for the new terms that you are unfamiliar with
  3. Understand why some terms taken out of context can have unwanted consequences
  4. Become familiar with terms that can at first be similar but confusing
  5. Understand that nuclear-powered submarines come with their own lexicon of terms which are different from those in the nuclear energy industry

Part 4: Social Licence

  1. Understand what a social license is and why it is so important
  2. Learn how to build creditability and trust in the community
  3. Understand economic and socio-political legitimacy
  4. Understand what institutional and interactional trust are and how they can be gained to achieve a social licence to operate nuclear-powered submarines
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Masterclass 102 aims to provide those attending with a deeper dive into the nuclear-powered submarine eco structure and provide a more in-depth understanding of nuclear-powered submarines and how building, operating, and sustaining them will be integrated within an Australian context. In half a day, you will learn about Australia’s existing nuclear foundations, the global rules and regulations that are already in force, pathways on how to up-skill the Australian workforce, and finally, how nuclear safety and security is applied in support of nuclear-powered submarines, which requires a national cultural shift to manage and operate these nuclear submarines.

The course comes with comprehensive course brochures for you take away, with plenty of space available for you to take additional notes for your future reference.

Masterclass 102 Key Learning Objectives

Part 1: Australian Nuclear Legislation

  1. Understand the role of ARPANSA in Australia
  2. Understand the current nuclear licensing process
  3. Learn where to seek guidance on nuclear best practice
  4. Understand the role of ASNO in Australia
  5. Understand the ANSTO in Australia and learn about the Sydney OPAL reactor
  6. Become aware of new nuclear legislation

Part 2: Global Rules and Regulations

  1. Understand Australia’s obligations to the Non-Proliferation Treaty
  2. Learn how the Treaty of Rarotonga affects Australia
  3. Learn about Australia’s spent fuel management policy and the ASA’s approach to nuclear waste management
  4. Understand the different types of nuclear waste
  5. Learn about nuclear waste disposal
  6. Be aware of the Convention on Nuclear Safety
  7. Know the requirements for nuclear accident reporting
  8. Understand how the safety & security of radioactive sources is maintained

Part 3: Upskilling the Workforce

  1. Understand what Australia requires to operate nuclear-powered submarines
  2. Understand what is required to conduct maintenance on nuclear-powered submarines
  3. Learn how to go about upskilling Australia’s workforce to support AUKUS Pillar 1
  4. Learn about the current training available in Australia

Part 4: Nuclear Safety & Security

  1. Understand the role of the International Atomic Energy Agency
  2. Learn how important it is to maintain cyber security
  3. Learn about ISO 19443 and nuclear supply chain safety
  4. Be aware of the implications of civil nuclear accidents
  5. Understand the outcomes of all nuclear accidents
  6. Be aware of the Convention on Nuclear Safety
  7. Be aware of the safety record of nuclear-powered submarines
  8. Learn about the conventions applicable to nuclear safety and know what Australia is a signatory to.
  9. Learn an approach on how to build a social licence to operate nuclear-powered submarines
  10. Understand the issues involved in nuclear-powered submarine disposal

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