DISP Accreditation

Our focus is to reduce the burden of DISP from your business so you can focus on what your business does best.

How can ADCG help you?

DISP is necessary and likely to become mandated in the near future to provide protection and assurance so that your business is not the weak link within the Defence supply chain. The Defence supply chain is seen as an avenue for foreign threats to undermine the Australian Defence Force. As Australian Defence Industry partners it is all of our responsibility to reduce this risk to the Australian Defence Force and it’s personnel.

ADCG assists Defence Industry and those wishing to break into Defence Industry in acquiring DISP accreditation.


The Four DISP Pillars

ADCG provides experienced consultants and a powerful alliance network to meet your requirements across the four DISP pillars which is tailored to your business requirements:

  • Governance
  • Personnel
  • Physical
  • Information & Cyber

ADCG offers a DISP governance service that is tailored to your business requirements to support your business in meeting it’s DISP obligations. This ranges from provision of mentoring through to providing a part-time or full-time Security Officer as a service that meet your unique business needs.

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ADCG is an accredited Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) organisation with accreditation at Level 3 for Governance and Personnel, allowing us to sponsor Security Clearances at Baseline, Secret (NV1) and Top Secret (NV2) level.  ADCG has recently be accredited for the third year running since joining DISP.
By coming to ADCG we will help your business apply DISP principles and controls to meet the ever changing Security environment that confronts Australian Defence and Defence Industry.

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Let us help you with DISP Accreditation

Please note that ADCG is a private commercial entity and neither ADCG, nor its products or services, are endorsed or sponsored in any way by the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency, Department of Defence or Commonwealth of Australia