Consultancy Practice

Defence experience enhancing Defence capability

Finding the right personnel with Defence or Government experience, corporate skills and availability can be challenging. The Australian Defence Consultancy Group (ADCG) Consultancy Service has been specifically created to establish this capability and make it simple for our clients to find the right person with the right skills at the right time.

ADCG provides a conduit to skilled people, predominately from a Defence or Government background, with an array of relevant experience, knowledge and skills. ADCG has established a network of more than 1600 Defence, Government and corporate specialists who are capable, ready and can be drawn upon to undertake projects in almost any field.

We have consultants located Australia wide


Benefits to Defence Industry

Our consultants have the required skills and experience for the ADF, CASG, Defence providers and Government. They understand Defence structure, language, culture, requirements and methodology.

Our consultants are ready to operate within the Defence, Government or any other high security environment. Our contractors can be rapidly engaged and are able to function effectively in the workplace, reducing preparation time for project placement. ADCG provides a simple contractual vehicle for the engagement of individuals or teams to support your bids and projects.


Business looking for a consultant?

Let ADCG be your primary conduit to Defence and Government-ready consultants.

Clients of the Australian Defence Consultancy Group are Defence and Government organisations, Defence Contractors or companies wishing to engage in business with these entities.

Want to become a consultant?

ADCG continues to grow its network of consultants. If you would like the opportunity to expand your professional experience and exploit your Defence knowledge, why not become an ADCG consultant?


  • Access to a wider range of opportunities – let ADCG add to your marketing reach.
  • Access to roles that only come through the registered DMOSS Panel Suppliers.
  • A simple contractual vehicle for your business – we manage the contract to the client.
  • Our consultants are certified as ready to operate within the Defence or any other high security environment. This process assures our client that our people can be rapidly engaged and are able to function effectively in the workplace reducing preparation time for project placement.
  • Access to our regular updates, providing you with information on a variety of business-related matters, intelligence and tips from our experts.
  • ADCG will assist in obtaining necessary security clearances.
  • Additional services at discounted rates for ADCG Consultants.

Benefits for Registered Clients

Personnel Services

ADCG Offers three levels of Personnel Services to meet our client’s needs.

Strategic Consultancy Group (SCG)

  • Are available to work with organisations to solve complex Defence problems.
  • Our experienced SCG will deliver extensive operational, executive and leadership across all domains.
  • SCG members will be available individually or as Tiger Teams to provide strategic analysis, project definition and management, mentoring and advocacy services.
  • Our SCG can provide a Defence Industry Planning Capability (DISPC) as an Enabling Service to support Small Medium Businesses (SMB) breaking into, engaging with, and achieving success in the Australian Defence Industry.

Contractor Services

  • Provision of small specialised and targeted Teams to meet your project or business requirement

Sub-contracting Services

  • Provision of individual specialists who can integrate into your project or business.