Mandatory Annual Client Compliance Statement

As the holder of a Security Clearance sponsored by ADCG, you are required to complete this Mandatory Annual Client Compliance Statement (MACCS) on an annual basis.

The purpose of the MACCS is to remind you of your obligations as a Security Clearance holder, to confirm that you have completed all mandated actions that must be undertaken and to ensure that you have read and acknowledged all policies and procedures relevant to holding an Australian Government Security Clearance.

Failure to complete the MACCS on an annual basis may affect your ability to hold a security clearance.

Please contact your ADCG Security Officer if you need assistance with this MACCS.

Please be aware that ADCG will cancel sponsorship of Security Clearance holders who do not meet their obligations under DISP. 

A clearance without sponsorship will be deactivated by the AGSVA.