Defence and Government Security Clearances

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ADCG Sponsorship and Obtaining a New Security Clearance or an Upgrade of your Current Clearance

Purpose of a security clearance
Under the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF), personnel that need ongoing access to security classified resources must hold a security clearance at the appropriate level. Security classified resources include Protected, Secret and Top Secret information, systems that hold classified information, and classified assets. A person may also be required to hold a security clearance if they occupy a position of trust requiring additional assurance about the integrity of the position’s occupant.
A security clearance is not required to access information that does not have a security classification, including Official or Official: Sensitive information. For this type of information, routine employment screening is sufficient.
The purpose of the security vetting process is to determine whether an individual is suitable to hold a security clearance—that is, whether they possess and demonstrate an appropriate level of integrity. In the security context, integrity is defined as a range of character traits that indicate the individual is able to protect Australian Government resources. These character traits are: honesty, trustworthiness, maturity, tolerance, resilience and loyalty.
The assessment of a clearance subject needs to establish confidence that they possess a sound and stable character, and that they are not unduly vulnerable to influence or coercion. The PSPF requires that any doubt regarding an individual’s suitability to hold a security clearance be resolved in the national interest.
  • ADCG will engage with you and outline our proven process, advise the timeline to gain your clearance and answer any questions you may have
  • ADCG will provide Standard Operating Procedures to roadmap your application
  • ADCG will provide advice, assistance and a dedicated Security Advisor to help throughout your application
  • ADCG will provide the annual governance required to maintain your Security Clearance
  • Baseline clearances last 15 years
  • Negative Vetting 1 (NV1) clearances last 10 years
  • Negative Vetting 2 (NV2) clearances last 7 years
  • Most ADCG candidates take between one and four weeks to complete their applications using ADCG process and support
  • AGSVA are currently demonstrating processing times of:
    • Baseline 20 working days
    • Negative Vetting 1 (NV1) 60 working days
    • Negative Vetting 2 (NV2) 90 working days
  • You must hold Australian Citizenship under the DISP process
  • Dual citizenship is acceptable
  • There are three fees involved in the process:
    • A one-off Sub-Contractor Agreement Execution Fee which lasts for the duration of your sponsorship under ADCG
    • An Annual Sponsorship Management Fee based on the clearance level you require
    • A one-off Vetting Fee once your clearance is granted by AGSVA
  • These fees are staggered over a number of months whilst you complete your application
  • Depending on your circumstances these fees and charges may be tax deductible

please contact us as per below email as the fee structure differs depending on the level of the Clearance required

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