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The Australian Defence Consultancy Group considers that the effective selection, screening, training, tasking, administration and care of our Consultants is the key to the success of our business

We take this process very seriously in order to optimise the quality of our Consultant database and to provide our clients with the absolute best fit of personnel and tasks. We care about our Consultants and provide them with the best conditions, support and remuneration possible.

To this end, ADCG has developed a Consultant Certification Roadmap. At the completion of each project, Consultants are assessed by both the Client and their ADCG mentor, then rated and coached in order to enhance their capability and as a primary driver for ours and their continuous improvement. Only the best Consultants will reach our higher levels of Certification and be remunerated accordingly

The Consultant Certification Roadmap is as follows:
defenceInitial Screening
Selection Board
Silver Certification
Gold Certification
Platinum Certification