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Let ADCG be your primary conduit to Defence-ready professional services consultants.

Clients of the Australian Defence Consultancy Group are mostly Defence and Government organisations, Defence Contractors or companies (both Australian and international) wishing to engage in business with these entities.

Benefits for Registered Clients:

ADCG provides a simple contractual vehicle for the engagement of individuals or teams to support
your bids and projects.

Guaranteed professional Consultants who are ready to work in your environment. We are committed to achieving client objectives, on time performance and Value for Money. We strive to exceed your expectations.

Access to our consultant database at any time to identify potential personnel with the right skills and experience to meet your capability needs.

Increased scope for bidding across Defence projects. Our consultants meet the dual skills and
experience envelope needed for the ADF, DMO, Defence Providers and Government. They understand
Defence structure, language, culture, requirements and methodology.

Our consultants are certified as ready to operate within the Defence or any other high security
environment. This process assures our client that our people can be rapidly engaged and are able to function effectively in the workplace reducing preparation time for project placement.

Access to our regular updates, providing you with information on a variety of business related matters, intelligence and tips from our experts to value-add your decision to use our services.

Become a Registered Client and expand your network's potential! Add ADCG to your favourites! Or simply contact us at or call our offices.

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